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Gamma Color

is a manufacturing chemical company

With 35 years of experience, market presence and own
technological base, it manufactures products that are chemical
syntheses with a wide range of applications, mainly in the road
construction industry and cosmetics industry.
High quality of products and professional support are
meeting high Customers’ expectations for years.
Gamma Color is the first and so far the only manufacturer of non
organic pigments in Poland. They are used successfully for many
years in colour cosmetics industry in Poland and abroad.
Company is specializing in the production of a UPD soil
stabilizer with more then 100,000 liters of product sold within 20
years. It means over 2 million square meters of soil stabilized with


The company has technical and storage facilities and a laboratory. Production equipment includes, among others, mixers, reactors, centrifuges and dryers.

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PPH Gamma Color

PPH Gamma Color